Advanced Fleet Management for Trucks and Heavy Machinery

Fleet & HEMM Management

Fleet management is used by logistics, construction and mining, oil and gas delivery, utilities, repair and service industry businesses to ensure responsible vehicle use, confirm safety and enable real-time tracking. With Envirocom, customers are able to reduce labor, fuel and depreciation costs by decreasing idle time, miles driven, fuel consumed and engine maintenance costs. We also offer payload monitoring, vehicle authentication, proximity detection and automated fuel dispensing among various other automations. 



  •  The key benefits of the solution are to optimize the fuel & engine efficiency of the vehicles by monitoring & optimizing their usage and scheduling.

  • It can also provide safety features through Anti-collision Detection, RFID Authentication and Engine Immobilization.

  • This will all be enabled through real-time monitoring and easy-to-use applications with end-to-end integration with the existing reporting systems.



Standard Features



Remote Fuel Monitoring
Remote Fuel Monitoring

Geofences can be used for:

  • Making sure appropriate use of vehicles

  • Tracking the designated start and finish points

  • Notifications in case of any movement in or out of geofences

  • Line, Polygonal or Circular areas

End-to-End Tracking 

Tracking of each vehicle based on detailed segment legs. Ability to perform and track:

  • Engine ON/OFF

  • Vehicle Movement

  • Satellite Signal Strength

  • Online/Offline

Remote Fuel Monitoring
Remote Fuel Monitoring


Remote Fuel Monitoring

Routes can be optimized as and when required.


Various forms of notifications can be setup to notify based on:

  • Vehicle movement

  • Geofences

  • Driver behaviour

  • Sensor data (like fuel sensor)

Remote Fuel Monitoring


Remote Fuel Monitoring

Various forms of reports can be created for analysis: Based on sensors, Trips, Stops etc

Vehicle Optimization