Motion sensors for meeting rooms, common areas. Automatically switch off lights or air-conditioning if no one in the area.

Motion Sensors

Why waste electricity if no one is present to use it. Use our motion sensors to switch off lighting or split airconditioning if no one is in the meeting rooms, common areas or cubicles. We provide end-to-end study and deployment.

Automated Operations

Large Coverage

Timing Control

Durable & High Quality

How it Works


Motion Sensor

Motion sensors are able to detect motion within a diameter of 6 to 22 meters depending on the kind of motion sensor used. If there is a motion, motion sensor keeps the lights or air-conditioning on. Otherwise, if the room is not occupied, that is, there is no motion for a specified time, the motion sensor disconnects the electricity supply for the applicance whether lighting or air-conditioning etc. This can save up to 60% of electricity consumption in a premise covered by motion sensors.




  • Save up to 60% electricity consumption

  • Automated operations

  • Manpower reduction to monitor wasteful use of electricity

  • Highly accurate and quick

  • Large coverage area

  • Possible to monitor across walls through microwave technology

  • Control of timing and day/night lux parameters

  • Easy installation