- Automate your plant operations

- Customise Special Purpose Machines

- Use Appropriate Sensors to Ensure Product Quality

Industrial Automation

Envirocom offers a number of solutions for industrial automation within an enterprise. Our solution encompass providing process automaton through special purpose machines, PLC programming, CNC, robotic mechanisms, product quality assurance through sensor based process decisions, data collection through IoT based solutions, analytics and ERP integration etc. We offer various solutions across these items which an enterprise customer can pick and choose as per the requirement.


SPM Special Purpose Machines


IoT Analytics

ERP Integration

PLC Programming

Process Automation

Software Development



  • Automate Production Processes

  • Maximise Production Rate

  • Ensure Product Quality

  • Eliminate Errors due to Shop-floor Fatigue

  • Integrate ERP to Achieve End-to-End Business View

  • Increase Production Efficiency Through IoT based Data Collection and Analytics