• Monitor Temperature and Humidity Remotely

  • Maintain Required Environmental Conditions for Your Equipment

  • Get Notified for Any Escalations in Time

EnviroMan - Temperature Data Logger and Humidity

EnviroMan enables remote monitoring and data logging of environmental parameters like Temperature, Humidity etc. One can get notified of any temperature changes in a data centre server room due to change in HVAC conditions, power supply etc. This can enable you to take corrective action in right time. Time based notifications can also be escalated to multiple levels if the issue does not get resolved in the stipulated time lines. Get in control of your operations through EnviroMan and have a clear view of your premises' condition from anywhere anytime

Ensure Business Continuity

Take Timely Action

Understand Patterns

Escalate in Time


  • monitor remotely

  • get in control

  • access environmental parameter data anytime, anywhere

  • ensure business continuity

  • enable timely and appropriate corrective action

  • monitor condition of your critical equipment

  • escalate automatically if low on resources