Industry 4.0 offering

  • Real-time Shop-floor View

  • Track Production and OEE

  • Top Reasons for Idle time and Product Defects

  • Machine Parameters for Proactive Maintenance

  • Process and Machine Alerts

Industry 4.0 Software

Benefits of Industry 4.0

  • Greater productivity and better management of resources

  • More efficient decision-making based on real information

  • Optimized and integrated productive processes

  • Increased flexibility to achieve mass production and personalized in real time

  • Direct communication between clients and organizations

  • Reduction of manufacturing time

  • Reduction of the percentage of defects

Industry 4.0 Impact Areas

Traditional Components of This New Approach

If you look at Industry 4.0 through a perspective of tradition industrial automation, there are a few components which might look very similar. You would need them as a starting point. Envirocom offers these capabilities as well. We provide process automaton through special purpose machines, PLC programming, CNC, product quality assurance through sensor based process decisions, analytics and ERP integration etc. We offer various solutions across these items which a factory can pick and choose as per their requirement.

Process Automation

PLC Programming


SPM Special Purpose Machines



Software Development

ERP Integration