Remote Fuel Monitoring in Diesel Generators, Underground Tanks, Commercial and Construction Vehicles

Remote Fuel Monitoring

Envirocom offers an innovative and highly accurate remote fuel monitoring solution to prevent fuel losses and minimize your operations cost. As Indian economy is becoming more and more mature, organizations are starting to focusing on optimizing their overall operational cost. As we know, since fuel cost is one of the major operational costs, there is always a leakage of cost in this area. It may be due to inefficient diesel generators, thefts and lack of insight/data on how to optimize etc. 

Automated Efficiency Monitoring

Accurate Audit

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Pilferage Control

For Diesel Generators, Trucks, Heavy Machinery

Fuel Consumption, Filling, Pilferage, Engine Efficiency Parameters, Advanced GPS Tracking

Remote Fuel Monitoring

It is an IoT (Internet of Things) based solution for remotely monitoring fuel consumption. It is relevant for diesel generators, underground or day tanks, trucks and construction vehicles. It also gives information about fuel fillings and thefts. More importantly, it gives valuable information on the engine runtime and efficiency parameters like units per litre (UPL) or average consumption. One can easily identify if a diesel generator starts operating at a lower efficiency than its ideal profile. The solution comprises of a Fuel level sensor installed in the tank and current transformers installed at the output electricity supply. They provide real-time data to a computer based control unit. This control unit has GPRS and GPS connectivity.  Consequently, it is able to send the data to a cloud based backend software. Data cleansing and data interpretation algorithms then make the data available for further analytics. Android, iOS and web apps make the analytics available to the user in GUI and in excel formats. Same solution when used in trucks, gives valuable information on the driving pattern of the vehicle and driving behaviour of the driver. This includes harsh braking and over-speeding etc. Similarly, we have a remote energy monitoring solution for our enterprise customers.

For Underground Tanks, Tankers, Bowsers

Fuel Level, Temperature, Density, Water Content

Remote Fuel Monitoring
Remote Fuel Monitoring

At mining sites or at similar large construction sites, there are large underground fuel reservoir tanks. The sites also have incoming fuel tankers from fuel dispensing companies. The sites use fuel bowsers to carry fuel from the underground fuel tanks to heavy machinery (HEMMs) that are working deep into the sites. At all these points, large fuel probes are used to remotely monitor fuel consumption and delivery. These probes not only measure fuel level but they also measure water content and fuel temperature. Separate density sensors are used to measure online density of the fuel dispensed into the underground fuel tanks.