Key Energy Audit Activities

  • Review of energy consumption in  HVAC, Transformers, Diesel Generators, Motors, Compressors, Boilers, Lighting, Water Pumping, etc. 

  • Highlight potential electrical hazards and areas of high energy usage through Thermography and Power Analyzers etc.

  • A detail study and recommendations for energy conservation

The Scope of work for Energy Audit will include measurements / testing at site and submission of the report based on the evaluation of the following typical areas:

  1. Electrical Distribution System

      • Review of present electrical distribution like Single Line Diagram (SLD), transformer loading, cable loading, normal & emergency loads, electricity distribution in various areas / floors etc. and assessment of maximum load of venues viz-a-viz capacity of substations feeding the venues.

      • Study of Reactive Power Management and option for power factor improvement.

      • Study of power quality issues like Harmonics, current unbalance, voltage unbalance etc.

      • Exploring the Energy Conservation Options (ENCON) in electrical distribution system.

  1. Lighting System

    • Review of present lighting system, lighting inventories, area lighting and stadium lighting system etc.

    • Estimation of lighting load at various locations like different floors, outside (campus) light, pump house and other important locations.

    • Detail lux level survey at various locations and comparison with acceptable standard

    • Analysis of lighting performance indices like Lux/m2, lux/watt, lux/watt/m2 and its comparison with norm

  1. Diesel Generator (DG) Sets

    • Review of DG set operation.

    • Performance Assessment of DG sets in terms of Specific Fuel Consumption (SFCi.e. kWH/Liter),

    • Exploring the Energy Conservation Options (ENCON) in DG Sets.

  1. Water Pumping System

    • Review of water pumping, storage and distribution systems.

    • Performance assessment of all major water pumps i.e. power consumption vs. flow delivered, estimation of pump efficiency etc.

    • Exploring the Energy Conservation Options (ENCON) in Water Pumping System.

  1. Energy Monitoring & Accounting System

    • Detail review of present energy monitoring & accounting system in terms of metering, record keeping, data logging, periodic performance analysis etc.

    • Recommend for effective energy monitoring & accounting system. The Deliverable s are a report consisting of following:

  1. Details of the data collected regarding present electrical installations.

  2. Performance of major energy consuming equipment.

  3. Electrical safety recommendations & energy saving measures.