We, as a company, provide end-to-end industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions. These solutions are combinations of hardware, software-as-a-service and installation services. Our solutions help our customers in remotely monitoring and controlling their machines, assets, resources, appliances and sensors etc. This further helps them in ensuring business continuity, optimized operations and reduced cost of operations.


We are a strong team of IITians and IIMites with multi-year experience in various industries, across various functions. Based in Delhi NCR.

You are in capable hands. Enjoy your tea.

Top Management

Anil Sagar

Anil Sagar - CEO

Anil is the CEO at Envirocom. Has vast experience of 18+ years as a technologist, business planner, marketer and sales person. As part of the telecom industry Anil has been part of the growth story working closely on business development initiatives with some of the leading telecom operators in the UK, India and Europe, along with working for companies like Ericsson, Nokia, Wipro and Bharti Airtel. Always wanting to start his own enterprise in a cutting edge technologies domain, Anil co-founded Renata Envirocom in the space of industrial IoT (Internet of Things) related to energy, fuel, water and environment. Anil is now a key driver of the organization’s core growth strategy with a clear view of the opportunities facing emerging economies like India, Africa and Asia.

Anil is an Electronics Engineer from IIT Delhi and an MBA in marketing from IIM Calcutta.

Anoop Kundal

Anoop Kundal - CTO

Anoop brings to Envirocom his keen understanding and broad knowledge of telecom, IT and mobile domains. In his 18+ years of hands-on technical development and delivery experience, Anoop has worked with start-ups and growing organizations in India and Europe. Anoop began his career in Smartnet as a key member of the founding team. Smartnet grew to become a successful enterprise applications development company that was subsequently acquired by Tanla Solutions, a telecom VAS player in India. Anoop joined the senior management team at Tanla, where he served on the Board and as Director – Operations and Engineering. In these roles, Anoop managed delivery and operations across Europe and the UK. As member of Tanla’s core management team, Anoop worked towards the company’s listing (BSE, NSE) through a successful public offer. In the last few years, Anoop has focused on the vast area of enterprise solutions. His passion and knowledge have come together in the founding of Envirocom.


Anoop holds a Bachelors Degree in Technology from Indian Institute Technology, Delhi (IIT-D).